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EMDR Treatment – Barbara’s experience

EMDR Treatment – Barbara’s experience (not real name)

After many years of trying to cope with what had happened to me, an event that I had to attend bought it to a head and the thought of having to attend made all the nightmares and fears return so much so that as I was stood in the high street crying I realised I could not control the pain any longer, that’s when I phoned Geoff.

From the first moment I set foot inside his room I felt a sense of relief, at last I could work with someone who was going to help me. Significant symptoms of PTSD were indicated because of the things that had happened to me. It wasn’t easy and I cried a lot, was emotionally exhausted but Geoff never let me leave that room without reassurance and guidance on how we would progress. We even managed to laugh on some occasions.

I had remained strong for my family but now I had to deal with all my demons. As my counselling progressed the nightmares became less and now they have gone. I became stronger and understood that I could live without fear. Geoff was patient and caring but strong and we worked at my pace which I was grateful for. Geoff taught me to have a safe place that I can think of if things get a little heavy and I use this less and less as I grow stronger.

I can’t thank Geoff enough for helping me become a stronger person who no longer lives in fear or shame of what has happened in the past. I attended the event held my head high and was not afraid, I did not bow my head when the person who made me afraid entered the room, I stood tall and felt strong. I want to thank Geoff for helping me understand IT WASN’T MY FAULT and I have nothing to be ashamed of.

Geoff has a gentle, honest approach and reassures you that together we can find a way through the dark and the sun will shine again. So Geoff thank you so much for all your help patience and understanding. My key ring is never far away.

Coaching support through the threat of redundancy

Coaching support through the threat of redundancy – Patrick’s experience (not real name)

I was put in touch with Geoff via my employer for independent advice during a restructure when my role was put at risk of redundancy.

I found myself at a crossroads of unsettling options and possibilities for my future, not all within my control, and unsure of what some of my actions and decisions should be to steer the best course –predominantly for my continued career and finances but also for all the wider impacts it could have in the next stage in my life and happiness.

Some of my colleagues, friends and family were quick to give their advice and suggestions about what they would do but it didn’t all help and much of it conflicted.

In contrast, talking and working the possible scenarios through with Geoff sorted everything clearly for me. His approach focussed on me and my thoughts about the options – and specifically what I wanted to ideally happen based on an insightful understanding of my personal situation, priorities, values and preferences. With this now clear, we then focussed on maximising the possibilities to achieve my preference with priorities for action but also, and very importantly, a calm and controlled mindset in the fresh light of now knowing exactly what I wanted. 

Geoff was able to illuminate my situation with his insights on why we feel and respond to threatening situations in the ways we do and how people’s differing values and situations affect their individual outlook, all of which really helped me understand my reactions and responses to events and so be more thoughtful and self-aware in the choices and path I was taking.  I became clear of exactly what the different options were and how I felt about them. I was aware of what influence I could and could not have over my preferred choices, and this helped guide my interactions with others and know how to manage my own feelings. 

Geoff’s approach to our meetings was casually informal and always put me at ease so that we could easily focus on my situation. Over our short series of meetings, we developed a very trusting ability to hold conversations that genuinely made a difference to how I approached things with positive thinking and action.  In due course, by no coincidence, my preferred choice came good.

Why is your closest relationship like a car?

With winter fast approaching many of us will be checking out how well prepared our cars are for the expected bad weather, tyres may be checked as well as antifreeze etc. Indeed, we get our cars checked annually for maintenance and MOT purposes to ensure reliability and road-worthiness. Strange then, that we often tend to assume that our relationships with loved ones will endure without paying proper attention to the wear and tear that modern day stresses and demands have.

Geoff Britton is a Gillingham based counsellor with a specialisation in couples and relationship counselling. His experience is that, all too often, individuals don’t pay enough attention to the seemingly small problems that can gradually appear in their close relationships until, like a car, they break down.

A client recently said of his situation and work with Geoff, My wife and I visited Geoff as a last resort, and now wished we hadn’t left it so long. We soon realised we had nothing to feel nervous about and came away from the first session feeling like a massive weight had been lifted from our shoulders……….best investment we ever made!”

Geoff can be contacted on 07738851068 or via www.elementscoachingandcounselling.co.uk