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Coaching in Nature

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.” Mark Twain

Spring is nature taking up its option on the world” (Anon.)

I’ve also found the natural environment to be a great medium for life and business coaching, where to get away into nature, away from daily hurly burly can be a great way to clear the head, think about what’s really important and how to attend to it. Again nature can teach us much from its ability to adapt to circumstances and adapt to whatever challenges it meets.

I have a lasting memory of a team building event I facilitated where a group of legal professionals built cairns on a rocky beach; each stone was chalked with a word that represented a quality that each person brought to the team. As they talked about themselves and their individual qualities the energy was terrific and the cairn just got bigger and stronger, as the interpersonal connections deepened. Powerful too, was the exploration of the coastline to locate items that were appropriate and those not appropriate, where washed up bottles etc. represented junk that shouldn’t be there; a metaphor for inappropriate attitudes and archaic thinking within the business.