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Why is your closest relationship like a car?

With winter fast approaching many of us will be checking out how well prepared our cars are for the expected bad weather, tyres may be checked as well as antifreeze etc. Indeed, we get our cars checked annually for maintenance and MOT purposes to ensure reliability and road-worthiness. Strange then, that we often tend to assume that our relationships with loved ones will endure without paying proper attention to the wear and tear that modern day stresses and demands have.

Geoff Britton is a Gillingham based counsellor with a specialisation in couples and relationship counselling. His experience is that, all too often, individuals don’t pay enough attention to the seemingly small problems that can gradually appear in their close relationships until, like a car, they break down.

A client recently said of his situation and work with Geoff, My wife and I visited Geoff as a last resort, and now wished we hadn’t left it so long. We soon realised we had nothing to feel nervous about and came away from the first session feeling like a massive weight had been lifted from our shoulders……….best investment we ever made!”

Geoff can be contacted on 07738851068 or via www.elementscoachingandcounselling.co.uk