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“Following the death of my husband I had two counselling sessions – the first was spent weeping and the second talking non-stop about my husband. These sessions were really useful and entirely appropriate for me at that time. However, as the months went on I felt in need of more in-depth guidance and was drawn to Geoff because he offered both counselling and life skills coaching. Thanks to Geoff’s professional guidance I have gradually moved from not knowing who I was or how to be without my beloved husband to being able to see a life for myself. Geoff’s counselling skills are excellent and his advice is always non-prescriptive. His understanding of the human condition informs his work and the strategies he suggested to me have been – and continue to be – used to good effect.” (February 2018)


“I just wanted to get in touch as I was reading case notes for ……… and say thank you for your consistent work with this client as it seems that last week, thanks to you, he had a breakthrough. You must have worked some amazing magic on him because from speaking with the client and previous notes he seemed very set in his ways and believed counselling will only be space to talk and nothing would change. It always makes me happy when I can be a witness to a success story like this.”

(November 2018 – comments made by case manager for Employee Assistance Plan organisation)


“I want to thank you very much indeed for the help you have given me over the past months.  Your gentle and honest approach and helpful assessment have been of great value in enabling me to see things in a much more honest and realistic way:  as they are (and not how I would like them to be!).    Moderation has become an acceptable reality rather than a concept and you have certainly helped me back to health.  You are totally straight in your approach to therapy and how long it should continue for every individual on a personal basis.  I wouldn’t hesitate to ask your help again if I were to need it.”

“The input I received from Geoff came at a time in my life when I felt that my work situation threatened all the values that I held dear. In short, I felt vulnerable, defensive, angry and anxious. In addition, I felt frightened that my behaviour and reactions to every day work situations looked chaotic and paranoid to those around me. As a senior manager, I felt desperate to find my sense of self again so that I could function in a way that gave me back my integrity and strength. Geoff’s initial approach was very non-threatening and gentle, allowing me to simply spill the beans and with some skilful questions he was able to help me identify the core concerns. Subsequently Geoff used a blended model of counselling and coaching to help me gain an understanding of what was driving my feelings and behaviours. Having this knowledge gave me back control of my responses, I was able to realise that my feelings did not make me a failure and, importantly, that my feelings were sometimes not representative of the facts. This was huge for me as it helped me to take a breath to consider each stressful situation and react differently. My change of behaviour resulted in positive responses from those around me which further supported my transition to a better sense of self and subsequently I have made some life changing decisions based only on what is good and advantageous for me rather than what others would like me to do. These decisions have not come easily and indeed they are still difficult but they have been transformational and I will always be appreciative of the support I received from Geoff as I am confident that without input I would still be in a very unhappy place.” 

“Thank you….For helping me to find my sunshine again……and a way to stop Charles and I stop fighting like Cat and Dog!”

“After meeting and working with Geoff, I feel it’s about what I’ve gained, (or what he has given me back). I am 100% still me but awake, aware and looking forward, (and no longer backwards).  I worked with Geoff for some time, originally arriving on his door step whilst my life was in crisis. I have covered so much, done so much and achieved so much.  I carry a little Geoff around inside my head at times and when the going gets tough I can hear him debating the adult and safe way forward. Sometimes moving forward is tough and uncomfortable but Geoff was there to support me and guide me.  My experience is that I could not have walked my journey alone, and I found that Geoff’s approach suited me, the person, perfectly; he tailors everything to fit, because he is skilled and understands. One things is for sure I have laughed, cried, despaired and got angry, with Geoff alongside me, but now when I look forward I am so excited at what the future holds and I embrace every minute of it, come good day or not so good day!”

“Geoff helped me hugely, dealing with the sudden death of my father and my mother’s dementia. He gave me a safe space to explore how I was feeling, tools to deal with emotions and a freedom to leave a lot of “stuff” with him and not buzzing around my head. Months later it is reassuring to know that I can always go back, if I feel the need to.

“After visiting Geoff for the first time I realised that I needed someone with his perspective on life to help guide me through the mess I was creating in my new family, his insight into my situation was uncanny, he has saved me from lots of the mistakes I had been making, absolutely top notch, would recommend a chat with Geoff to anyone.”

“We first visited Geoff at a low point in our relationship. We knew that deep down we had the potential to be happy but somehow we just couldn’t attain this. Our own ‘stuff/baggage’ seemed to be getting in the way and we didn’t know how to make things different. Our work with Geoff has allowed us to understand ourselves and each other better. Geoff gives us a space where we can be really honest with each other and ourselves. We each worked individually with Geoff to identify our own stuff and figure out how it was impacting on us and on our relationship. Our communication improved and we developed more realistic expectations for our relationship. Geoff got to know us both really well as individuals and as a couple and has been incredibly astute at getting to grips with our patterns and dramas. We can’t get away with anything with Geoff. Geoff has a very pragmatic approach which meant that it always felt that we were working towards something solid (in our case a stable loving relationship strong enough to start a family). Geoff’s approach is also pragmatic in the sense that he mixes and matches different therapeutic practices as he feels appropriate. We now wish more couples could see Geoff as he has enabled us to be more loving and more respectful towards each other and we now have a baby daughter. We still struggle at times but we have a new way of communicating which means that difficulties can now be quickly resolved instead of leading to all out warfare!”

“Geoff has helped me to overcome extreme anxiety and to enjoy life again. I am achieving far more than before and am making better relationships with friends and family. I am confident once more in work and social situations and happy to get involved in hands-on charity work. I cannot recommend his service highly enough.”


The undermentioned feedback comments are from a group who attending a residential Wilderness Therapy Programme in Snowdonia

“Thanks for following your dreams as it’s helped me overcome my dark hours”

“……..a journey of discovery to the wilderness of self. Your calm gentle nature ensures a sense of safety and your challenges allow us to get that little bit closer to discovering who we truly are.”

“I have just had the most amazing, challenging, life changing experience of my life”.

“The Wilderness Programme tested me on so many levels. I left this morning feeling incredibly proud of my achievements on a physical, spiritual, emotional and mental level”.

“Where I did find support, understanding, cutting edge – a lot of times over the edge – experiences in living life to the full….spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. Come to Glan Dwr with Geoff, Jeanette and Maisie”.

“Never been able to sit in the dark, this journey brought me to sit on my own for four hours on my own, up a mountain, in a forest. Wow, what a transformation”.

“Gave me an opportunity to really tune in to the next step that I need to take in my life. It gave me insights and good memories to bring with me. It was a good time for space and reflection out of a fast paced environment”

“I have experienced the most incredible 6 day journey of my life, to date. It was an amazing journey of self-discovery facilitated through respect, gentleness, caring and love. For me I believe it will be a life changing experience.”

“I was having mixed feelings on whether or not to participate in the wilderness experience. I am delighted that I did. Community is the first word that springs to mind. That includes all of the facilitation team and Nature herself (not forgetting Maisie). I have avoided certain issues for a long time and I have found that the Wilderness left me with no place to hide. I found the process life changing. I was lead very gently into Nature, at the same time meeting part of myself that I hide away – the feelings of low self-esteem – the ‘not good enough’ part of me. I embraced that very fragile part of myself in a very safe environment. I have with the help of nature, great facilitation and my own commitment begun a process that will change my life forever. An exhilarating and enlightening experience. Totally recommended”.

“What an amazing experience, one which words do it no justice. Only to experience it, can one truly capture the true essence of its power. The power of Nature, Mother earth and an authentic therapy. The two marry well, like two souls intertwined. Another tool to be integrated into my own therapy practice and very much into my own process and life. The two should never be separated.

“When I took on to do the Wilderness Programme I had no idea what lay before me as it was my first experience of this kind. Physically I would not consider myself really fit and I had concerns that I would not be able to participate fully in what was to come in the work. My worries were put to rest by the professional way our wilderness guides informed us of how to keep ourselves safe and this continued throughout the three days we journeyed out in our mountain walks. I felt safe in my guide’s hands and was encouraged to take things at my own pace. I felt very minded, respected and held warmly through every experience. I would highly recommend this experience to everyone, whatever your age. I am fifty seven and found an inner and outer strength in myself”.

“Dear Geoff. The journey I experienced on the Wilderness week was one of Discovery, Clarity, Purpose, Vision and Action. The holding and containment was of the utmost respect. I am a person that will always put 100% into my exploration but the group and facilitators gave 200% to me. The organisers left no stone unturned, Safety both physically and therapeutically was fully present from waking to sleeping. Physical needs of food, heat and support was of an excellent level. Therapeutic process was one of an amazing journey, a destination I could I could have only imagined before going but one I will always appreciate. My destination will be with me every day and I will fully become me – the true me standing in my power and achieving my full potential. Thank You.