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“When we are no longer able to change a situation - we are challenged to change ourselves.” Viktor Frankl

“Geoff’s understanding, perception and patience enabled me to finally make sense of myself and come to terms with my history. He guided me through the darkness and helped me find peace in the midst of the chaos that was my life. I cannot recommend him highly enough”

However good our lives are, or however good we think they are, we are all likely at some point to come across events and situations which will undermine the secure environment in which we live, overwhelming our ability to cope, such as:-

Alternatively, no matter how much we try, we may have always had some underlying sense of not fitting in, not belonging or not being good enough – a sense which sabotages our well-being and hopes for a happy life.

Either of the situations mentioned are bound to be seen as a threat to our sense of security; this response often coming from deep within our primeval ancestry where threat was constant and we relied on the fight, flight or freeze responses, the nature of which can be easily observed in animals.
In these modern times, our reactions to life issues are more likely to be driven by emotional responses, fuelled by the dynamic interaction of thought and time past, in the form of memory, or time future, in the form of worry about what might happen. In the modern world, this sense of threat tends to manifest as conditions such as having a sense of confusion, anger, anxiety, stress, abandonment, loss, sadness and grief.

As an experienced counsellor, I have helped many people to overcome difficulties in a way that has enabled them to find new meaning and purpose in life. I have helped clients to overcome difficult experiences such as childhood abuse and emotional neglect, addictions (alcohol, substance and sexual addictions), anger, anxiety, bereavement, loss and general distress. In support of my aim to support clients and improve the quality of their lives, I am now able to offer specialist treatment for physical, emotional and developmental trauma, via Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR).

In engaging in counselling with me, you are assured of a safe, confidential and supportive environment which meets the professional expectations of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, of which I am Registered Accredited Member – Reg. MBACP (Accred).

I allow a 100% discount for any initial exploratory discussion or assessment as I believe that it is important to establish that you are happy to work with me, understand how I work and establish what outcomes you are seeking, before you make any contractual or financial commitment.