Ian and Jane’s story

Ian and Jane engaged with me for relationship advice and couples counselling after experiencing relationship problems when they started living together, after having enjoyed a number of happy years together, albeit mainly weekends and holidays based.

I worked with them to create a safe and supportive environment where they could each understand what it meant to them, individually, to be in a good relationship and to explore and share their expectations and concerns in a way that helped them to understand one another better and to overcome the barriers that threatened their future. A spin off benefit of this work was that their communication and assertiveness skills improved with each other and other key people.

I worked with each of them separately, to help them to understand where some of their individual personality characteristics and behaviours came from and to learn and integrate new ways to avoid and overcome the problems that these factors caused. I also helped them to identify their personal strengths and resources, to understand how they could be used to good effect to support their relationship.

Having overcome their relationship difficulties, their confidence in the relationship grew and their commitment strengthened to a point where they felt secure enough to start a family.

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